May 23, 2019


AVAILABLE NOW at fine bookstores in Southern Africa.

UNDERCOVER WITH MANDELA'S SPIES written by Bradley Steyn & Mark Fine | Published by Jacana Media

In this riveting undercover spy drama, Brad Steyn tells the story of his journey from a boy caught in the middle of Pretoria's Strijdom Square massacre, to acting out his PTSD working for the apartheid regime's Security Branch. Finally, he's recruited by the MK ANC Intelligence to infliltrate the crazed right-wing extremists dedicated to destabilizing a South Africa on the brink of peace. With these forces pushing the nation toward a bloody race war, will Bradley's time run out before this subversive Third Force discover he is working for Mandela's Spies.

This astonishinbg true-life thriller reveals for the first time some of the dirty secrets of a dirty war.