Praise for

The Zebra Affaire


"Loved this daring story of forbidden love in apartheid Sourth Africa."

"An instant classic full of depth and compassion."

"Perfect combination of historical fiction and a captivating love affair."

"This novel is what fine literature is meant to be, a moving and vivid journey that having been enjoyed will change your life. I am not exaggerating, yes, it's that good."

"Brilliant... The Zebra Affaire should be a movie!"

"The writing reminded me of music - not something you dance to, but something you listen to carefully and in peace."

"This novel is fantastic, relevant, and an incredible contribution to literature. "

"Mark Fine writes with thrilling suspense, engaging prose and a canny knack for egging on the the reader to learn what happens next."

"I see Pulitzer Prize material here."

"Mark Fine creates a portrait of South African life that could be compared to William Faulkner novels in value to the arts and scholars."

"Love the sparkling use of our English language."

"I was truly moved by the writing and educated through the knowledge."

"The Zebra Affaire is really significant, and it should be required reading at schools. I hope to find this book in the Museum of Tolerance bookstore it's that important!"

"I'm all for any work of art that shakes me out of my slumber. This historical novel does this. AND it's a truly fun read!"

"What I love most is the way the author  eloquently intertwines historical facts of apartheid South Africa with an exciting love story."

"Engaging! Authentic! Beautiful! Horrifying! Mesmerizing!"

"A cracking good story, written with a wry sense of humor and all too believable. Authentic, poignant and wonderfully engaging read."

"A hard to put down thriller with romance...I enjoyed the easy, but colorful writing style that made me feel I was right there to experience the fall of apartheid, brilliant!"

"It's a fast read, hard to put down... and leaves you wanting more."


Praise for The Zebra Affaire Audiobook


"Extraordinary tale from a horrifying world. The audio performance was excellent, and I was sorry to reach the end."

"This book is in the top 1% of books I've listened to. The narrator did a fantastic job of matching voices to the characters and conveying the emotions and tones of the story."

"This story deserves 6 stars!"

"A must-listen audiobook... even the local vernacular will tug at your hearstrings due to the authentic (yet easily understood) accents as narrated by Dennis Kleinman."

"What a great audible. I enjoyed the realistic South African accent. The narrator really nailed it."

"The narration was marvelous, and thoroughly entertaining. It had hints of my favorite author Wilbur Smith's writing style."

"The language is vivid and poetic. The narrator's rich tones added depth and complexity to the discriptive language and the historical context of the story."



Praise for

Mark of The Hyena


"This short story, an Electric Eclectic novelette, captures all the beauty and harshness of sub-Sahara Africa."

"As the story unwinds it creates an unease, like a snake uncoiling."

"Fine's writing is almost poetic; his words musical. I highly recommend this well-written and profound story."

"An unusual tale, possibly a modern fable as it highlights the ignormance of privilege."

"The author presents diverse characters from the San Bushman of the Kalahari to a well educated foreigner with tremendous skill."

"Wonderfully told, Fine brings the African bush alive with his words."